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Complience with Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 (HTM 01-05) is now a legal requirement for every Dental practice in the UK. In Scotland, the equivalent document is Scottish Health Planning Note 13, Part 2 (SHPN 13 Part 2).

The Solution

Here at NVDC we can help you review your existing practice facility & procedures, and how best to approach compliance with the requirements of HTM 01-05/ SHPN 13 Part 2. We’ll advise you on the most practical location for your LDU and the Decontamination equipment and furniture best suited to your practice. Uniquely, we’ll also be able to advise on any construction or building work required to achieve the desired standards, and sort out Planning Permission and Building Warrants (if required). We’ll work with you to finalise a design to suit your budget and requirements, and then we’ll undertake and Project Manage the works from start to finish to ensure you get the best possible results with the minimum of disruption to your patients and staff.

See our case studies for examples of our Local Decontamination Unit solutions.

Local Decontamination Unit Design and Fitting

Local Decontamination Unit Design and Fitting


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