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Photo of Elanic's dental office reception area

The importance of reinvesting in your dental surgery’s design

Many dental practices nowadays are reinvesting in their surgery’s design. That outdated, dull and sterile look just doesn’t work anymore. Practices are embracing new, modern and colourful designs, which are hugely benefiting the practice in all different aspects. But there are still some dental practices out there that that haven’t reinvested in their surgery’s design. This could be potentially damaging for the surgery’s reputation and future. So, if you’re the director of a dental surgery that has not yet reinvested in design, keep reading!

Patient happiness

We’ve stressed it before, and we will stress it again – design is a key influencer in patient happiness. And patient satisfaction is vital. Various studies have been done to prove this. One found that buildings designed with patient stress levels and comfort in mind can contribute to faster healing. If your practice design hasn’t been updated in a while, this could be affecting patient’s experience. Reinvesting in the practice’s design could be as simple as adding a splash of colour or changing furniture layout.

Photo of the colourful work by NVDC dental architects inside Manor Place Dental

Staff happiness

Staff satisfaction is just as important as patient satisfaction. Arguably, the design of the dental surgery is more important to staff, as The Picker Institute highlight this in research. We can see why this would be the case – dental staff are the ones who spend the most time there. The study by The Picker Institute also notes that healthcare staff prefer consulting rooms not to appear ‘starkly sterile and clinical’. Reinvesting in dental surgery design will more definitely boost staff morale.

Picture of the dental office waiting room at Anniesland Essential

Add value

If there ever comes a time when you want to perhaps sell on the practice and you haven’t reinvested in its design, you might regret this. A dental practice is still a property that holds value. Reinvesting in the design and keeping it well-maintained may increase the value. You wouldn’t neglect design maintenance of your home, so why neglect design maintenance of your business – especially when it’s a healthcare practice.

Photo of the dental reception desk of Seyf Dental

If you are interested in reinvesting in your dental practice’s design, get in touch with NVDC Dental Architects today.We are design-led Dental Architects committed to innovation and creativity that maximises the potential of our clients’ building projects, whether Dental, residential or commercial.