Dental treatment room with contrasting coloured cabinetry

How wonderful are these colours for a dental practice?

Our client for this project, Dr Neeraj Puri, had been thinking about refurbishing his surgery for some time. When he approached us he had chosen his chair and cabinet suppliers, and was quite clear that he wanted his surgery to articulate his love of colour, whilst looking stunning and calming at the same time!

We, therefore, spent a considerable amount of time at the start of the project exploring various design options for the use of colour in the surgery, while working very closely with cabinet manufacturers on the detail layout of space covering all aspects of the build.

Dr Puri was also very interested in the use of fibre optic lighting and looked to us to incorporate this feature into the fit out. Our final design, therefore, consists of 3 main elements; a) introduction of complementary and contrasting colours into the cabinetry turning this element of the space into a 3 dimensional piece of art b) a completely white environment allowing the chair and the cabinetry becoming the main focus of visual interest c) a new suspended feature ceiling contrasts with the original while incorporating the various direct and indirect lighting features.

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