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The importance of reinvesting in your dental surgery’s design

Many dental practices nowadays are reinvesting in their surgery’s design. That outdated, dull and sterile look just doesn’t work anymore. Practices are embracing new, modern and colourful designs, which are hugely benefiting the practice in all different aspects. But there are still some dental practices out there that that haven’t reinvested in their surgery’s design. This could be potentially damaging for the surgery’s reputation and future. So, if you’re the director of a dental surgery that has not yet reinvested in design, keep reading!

Patient happiness

We’ve stressed it before, and we will stress it again – design is a key influencer in patient happiness. And patient satisfaction is vital. Various studies have been done to prove this. One found that buildings designed with patient stress levels and comfort in mind can contribute to faster healing. If your practice design hasn’t been updated in a while, this could be affecting patient’s experience. Reinvesting in the practice’s design could be as simple as adding a splash of colour or changing furniture layout.

Photo of the colourful work by NVDC dental architects inside Manor Place Dental

Staff happiness

Staff satisfaction is just as important as patient satisfaction. Arguably, the design of the dental surgery is more important to staff, as The Picker Institute highlight this in research. We can see why this would be the case – dental staff are the ones who spend the most time there. The study by The Picker Institute also notes that healthcare staff prefer consulting rooms not to appear ‘starkly sterile and clinical’. Reinvesting in dental surgery design will more definitely boost staff morale.

Picture of the dental office waiting room at Anniesland Essential

Add value

If there ever comes a time when you want to perhaps sell on the practice and you haven’t reinvested in its design, you might regret this. A dental practice is still a property that holds value. Reinvesting in the design and keeping it well-maintained may increase the value. You wouldn’t neglect design maintenance of your home, so why neglect design maintenance of your business – especially when it’s a healthcare practice.

Photo of the dental reception desk of Seyf Dental

If you are interested in reinvesting in your dental practice’s design, get in touch with NVDC Dental Architects today.We are design-led Dental Architects committed to innovation and creativity that maximises the potential of our clients’ building projects, whether Dental, residential or commercial.

Photo of the dental office waiting room ideas provided by NVDC

How holistic design and functionality can enhance your practice

Visiting a dental practice can be an uncomfortable and intimidating experience for some people. In fact, visiting dentists is recognised as an actual phobia. Various research highlights that the facility’s design can have a direct impact on patients. From the disinfectant smells to the poorly styled layout – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing a holistic design and functionality for your practice can enhance it in all the best ways possible. Here’s how:

What is holistic design

Holistic design is the concept of not just treating patients when they’re sitting in the dental chair, but through the whole environment too. This style communicates with all five senses, reduces fatigue, boosts productivity and moods, and therefore improves overall health. Holistic design and functionality can be achieved by:

Choosing the correct colours:

It seems that all types of healthcare practices can be very bland and lack colour. Although it’s thought that a bland colour scheme is the most soothing, studies actually suggest that a variety of hues, tones and saturations work best. Choosing the correct colours and even art work will have a positive, yet subtle effect.

Consideration to the furniture and its layout

It’s another subtle and small change, but the style and type of furniture and its layout can impact moods. If furniture is cluttered, or placed too closely together, this can cause people to feel stressed and trapped. Avoiding this can be as simple as changing the positioning of chairs in the waiting area. Rooms should be made to feel spacious and bright.

Certain lighting:

Lighting, in both waiting areas and in treatment rooms, should aim to be as naturally lit as possible. Overly bright artificial lighting can worsen patient’s anxiety. Some furniture choices can help enhance the rooms brightness, for example; a mirror can enhance brightness. Moreover, new LED technology can be used for dimmable and flattering lighting, which could help patients find their way about hallways.

Certain smells:

Anti-bacterial is a typical practice smell. Although this smell is essentially the scent of cleanliness, it’s associated with health and medical practices. This can trigger bad memories and instantly unsettle patients.  Scents of Lavender can help mask the smells of disinfectant and medicines and can even help reduce anxiety.

How will this enhance a practice?

It’s a no brainer really…

Patients are relaxed

If you follow the simple steps above when designing your dental practice, you’ll notice a visible change in patient’s mood. Many of these recommendations have been proven to help relax nervous patients. For example; A 2005 study published in Physiology and Behaviour observed patients waiting for dental treatments and found that breathing in lavender scents minimised anxiety and enhanced mood. If patients feel relaxed and worry-free, they’re going to be easier to cooperate with.

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When patients feel relaxed and have a great experience in your dental practice, they are likely to recommend your practice to others. Recommendations from clients means a possible boost in new clients, and this will ultimately enhance your business. Good recommendations also means good reputation.

Increases staff productivity

Not only does holistic design and functionality have an impact on clients, it impacts staff of the practice too. Staff will be productive, healthy and happy if they too are in an area that is surrounded by subconscious benefits of mind and body wellness. A dental practice isn’t just a place where people go to keep their teeth in check, it’s someone’s work place as well.

Humanises the practice

When people think of dental practices, they have a stereotypical image in mind of a dated, dull and unwelcoming place. Holistic designs can humanise a practice by softening the reminders that it is a dental practice. One of our more relaxing and welcoming practice designs has been Buttercup 7 Day Dental. We designed this to resemble more of a coffee shop than a dental practice!

The benefits of holistic design and functionality in dental practices are endless. We have transformed several practices into welcoming and unique areas for patients and staff. You can some of our best designs and happy clients here. 

Image of existing Victorian Red Sandstone Bank in Bridge of Weir

New Bridge of Weir Dental and Aesthetics, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Planning Permission within a Conservation Area has been granted to replace existing sash and case windows with their UPVC equivalent for insulative and maintenance purposes. The council originally refused this application however NVDC contested this and were able to overturn the result by producing further documentation incorporating a supporting statement in the applications favour.

High end bespoke reception and waiting area

Light, Space and Design Focus for New Dentistry

We’ve just completed a gorgeous, brand new dentistry and facial aesthetic clinic in Glasgow! Aura Dentisty & Facial Aesthetics has opened in the bustling suburb of Baillieston.

Our client’s brief was to produce an efficient layout with maximum light and space, whilst creating an enjoyable environment for patients and staff alike. Given that all surgeries had to be internal, careful consideration was given to the surgery layouts and use of glass and artificial lighting to enhance the sense of space, thus providing a more open plan, friendly, enjoyable and less intimidating experience.

Choices of furnishings, use of artwork and accessories were all integral to the overall strategy of creating a welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Our client was also keen to see their new practice acting as a catalyst for renewal and regeneration in their locality and instructed us to look at options for transforming the external appearance of the building.

In close consultation with client, their landlord and the neighbouring unit landlord, a comprehensive redesign of the exterior has been proposed to transform and update the exterior of the building to tie in with the overall design aesthetics of our client’s practice, while creating a unified and contemporary appearance for the whole building. The external works continue and we look forward to seeing the full completion!

From all of us at NVDC, good luck and best wishes for the future! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Signage, refreshment area and seating

A Modern Approach for Blackhills Clinic

The directors of Blackhills Clinic in Perthshire approached NVDC after seeing previous examples of our work with dental practices. The clinic was in need of a refurbishment, with the reception and patient waiting areas feeling ‘tired’ after a few years of wear and tear.

Blackhills had a desire to create a quality environment for their patients that had a contemporary feel more in keeping with the image of the practice. NVDC were tasked with freshening up the already spacious and light-filled reception and waiting areas, enhancing the first impression made to the patients whilst reinforcing the brand image.

A glass partition was installed between the reception desk and the waiting area, which allowed for the feeling of light and space to be retained whilst offering patients privacy when discussing their treatments over the desk.

At certain times of the day, the sun comes streaming through the tall windows and shines on the reception area. We created a green glass feature wall, emblazoned with the Blackhill’s logo, which mirrored this light and sent it dancing around the room.

The waiting area, as well as being used by patients, also hosts dentists’ educational evenings. As the space then stood, little flexibility was allowed in the arrangement of the furniture and was not conducive to this change of use. The old furniture was therefore replaced with modern and practical pieces, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Disparate pieces of equipment were integrated into a single unit; meaning that freestanding objects such as bins and display cabinets were no longer necessary, freeing up the space.

The end result was a high quality, low-cost space that created a ‘wow’ impression on patients and dentists alike.

Client happiness is everything to us, and we were delighted with the feedback. Trudie Imrie (Clinic Manager) “It’s just excellent, we are so pleased with it.”

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Contemporary Dental practice with bright interior

Dazzling Results for this Dental Project!

Another dental practice project in the bag! ✔

NVDC created a four-surgery practice within the former Stirling Tourist Information building for Central Orthodontics!

Being a much larger building than required, and in need of full refurbishment, NVDC worked to maximise the client’s budget while effectively communicating the practice’s values of patient care through the design.

The surgeries are arranged along the front of the building, taking advantage of the expansive glazing and giving them access to ambient north light, to create bright and calming spaces.

The existing entrance was reconfigured with a glass feature wall, which embraces the space and further communicates the practice’s values through its integrated billboard.

A gorgeous result, don’t you think?

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Bright layout with bespoke reception desk and sculptural seating

Amazing feedback on our Dental Design!

Project Spotlight – Vermilion The Smile Experts

Starting from an empty shell within a converted traditional villa in Edinburgh, the idea for designing this new specialist referral practice was to create a workspace which made the most of the accommodation but retained a feeling of a bright open space.

The extensive use of glass partitioning allows light to pass freely throughout the practice and this, coupled with the free-flowing form of the curved walls, gives the space a beautifully fluid feel!

A message from our client:

“I have been very impressed by architect Farahbod Nakhaei and his team at NVDC. They produced a gorgeous design for our clinic, taking what was a very regular space and bringing it to life with curves and light. There is a calmness to the accommodation, which makes it a pleasure to work in. This is no fluke, as their previous project in Inverness, Eilertsen Dental Care, has a similar ambience.

“Farahbod and Malcolm are highly professional in their approach, and in particular, their communication at every stage was excellent. As the client, I felt fully informed of what matters I needed to be aware of, but shielded from the rest. NVDC and Ian Wilson, my IT contractor, have now completed a number of projects together, and the integration of IT within the build was seamless. I was also very impressed by the tradesmen that NVDC employed for the 10-week fit out. They clearly took a lot a pride in their work, and the result was we finished on-budget and 10 days early.

“I would not hesitate in recommending NVDC. Not only are they excellent professionals; they are good men.”

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Dental waiting area with a relaxed cafe vibe and yellow accents

The coolest Dental Practice in Glasgow?

☕ Cool coffee shop vibes? In fact, it’s a dental practice! 😁

Our clients Angela and Gerwyn Rowlands of Buttercup 7 Day Dental came to us with a unique vision for a cool new dental practice in Glasgow.

We worked closely with them from concept design, planning and building warrant through to construction and handover to give them the practice they desired. It involved internal alterations and change of use from a former betting shop to form the new dental practice within Broomhill Shopping Centre.

The key focus of the design was to produce a modern and vibrant front of house with an informal and relaxing café vibe to welcome patients to the premises. The functional aspects of the design involved 3 surgeries and an LDU where glass partitions and natural tones were used to create a light filled calming environment.

NVDC specialise in turning your visions into reality. To chat about your design requirements, speak to one of our friendly team today! PM us, call 0141 959 8752 or email us at

Dental treatment room with contrasting coloured cabinetry

A Pop of Colour in Dental Care

How wonderful are these colours for a dental practice?

Our client for this project, Dr Neeraj Puri, had been thinking about refurbishing his surgery for some time. When he approached us he had chosen his chair and cabinet suppliers, and was quite clear that he wanted his surgery to articulate his love of colour, whilst looking stunning and calming at the same time!

We, therefore, spent a considerable amount of time at the start of the project exploring various design options for the use of colour in the surgery, while working very closely with cabinet manufacturers on the detail layout of space covering all aspects of the build.

Dr Puri was also very interested in the use of fibre optic lighting and looked to us to incorporate this feature into the fit out. Our final design, therefore, consists of 3 main elements; a) introduction of complementary and contrasting colours into the cabinetry turning this element of the space into a 3 dimensional piece of art b) a completely white environment allowing the chair and the cabinetry becoming the main focus of visual interest c) a new suspended feature ceiling contrasts with the original while incorporating the various direct and indirect lighting features.

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